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A Dark Tale of Love and Intrigue

A Timeless Classic

Discover a dark underworld of supernatural mystery and intrigue in this classic online slot game. Almost a decade since its creation, the undying power of Immortal Romance continues to allure players around the world.

Chamber of Spins

A series of four unique free spins features lie in wait in the shadows. Triggering multiple free spins sequentially unlocks each entry into the chamber, along with a wealth of mysterious features.

Wild Desire

A blood-pumping bonus feature arising randomly, turning up to five reels wild.

Rolling Reels™

Winning combinations during Michael’s free spins feature vanish and new symbols drop in, making consecutive wins possible.

Choose Your Character

Role: The scoundrel
Occupation: Vampire playboy
Age: Over 200
Chamber of Spins: Unlocked on 5th trigger of bonus feature, awarding 15 free spins.
Additional feature: Any win activates the Vampire Bats feature, adding up to a 6x multiplier to the reels.

Born to Hungarian aristocracy in the 18th century, Troy has carried his attitude of entitlement into his new life as a vampire, taking advantage of his devilish charms and good looks to pursue power and pleasure.

Unapologetic about his vampire nature and his desire for human blood, he is dangerous and unpredictable, living without conscience or consequence.

Troy is loyal to Michael, who saved him from a gruesome death at the hands of the Shadow Council over a century ago. Seeking out his mentor every few decades, he is surprised to find Michael madly in love with a human by the name of Sarah, who he believes is harbouring a dark secret. He vows to uncover her truth.

Role: The hero
Occupation: Doctor of pathology
Age: 37
Chamber of Spins: Unlocked on 15th trigger of bonus feature, awarding 25 free spins.
Additional feature: Wild Vines can randomly change multiple symbols into Wilds

Dedicating her life to the study of cellular regeneration, Sarah has travelled the world hunting for proof that aging is a disease of the blood – and one that can be cured. Little did she expect, while attending a medical seminar, to capture the heart of a dashing and mysterious genetics professor with a deep secret. An immortal vampire, Michael is the missing key that she had been searching for all these years.

After Michael agreed to let her study his blood, Sarah finds herself standing on the edge of an incredible scientific breakthrough. Is she willing to risk life and love by going public with her dark discovery?

But, unbeknown to even herself, Sarah is no mere mortal…

Role: The immortal lover
Occupation: Professor of genetics
Age: Over 800
Chamber of Spins: Unlocked on 10th trigger of bonus feature, awarding 10 free spins.
Additional features: Up to 5x multiplier and Rolling Reels™

Michael remembers little of his past life in the snow-coated forests of northern Europe, where he was born into darkness over eight centuries ago. Remaining on the outskirts of society and quenching his dark thirst with the blood of animals allowed him to stay hidden in the shadows.

But, his need to breathe meaning into an immortal existence led him to pursue academia, and in the recent years he has held positions in prestigious universities around the world. While presenting a research paper on molecular phylogenetics, Michael is introduced to Sarah, and his carefully structured world is shattered by the powerful connection and uncontrollable desire he feels for this mortal woman.

Fearing rejection, Michael attempts to conceal his true nature from Sarah but, in a moment of unexpected weakness, he confesses the truth and his undying love for her.

Role: The best friend
Occupation: Pharmacist and witch
Age: 34
Chamber of Spins: Unlocked on 1st trigger of bonus feature, awarding 10 free spins.
Additional feature: All wins are multiplied x5.

Descended from a family of Caribbean witches, Amber is blessed with supernatural powers. With the ability to see and manipulate unseen bio-etheric energies, she brews powerful potions and healing elixirs. Her extrasensory gift enables her to look into the past and potential future of those she touches.

Having known Sarah since childhood, she is gravely concerned that her best friend’s sudden romantic interest in a mysterious college professor will only end in darkness and death. Discovering the truth about Michael’s vampire nature, she has threatened to curse him for all eternity if Sarah comes to any harm or if he dares to turn her. Amber’s confidence is shaken by the arrival of Troy, a youthful and dangerous vampire who sees her threats and paranormal abilities as an interesting new challenge, worthy of his attentions.

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